Rental Listings

Improve your rental property marketing, management, and accounting with Seamless Property.

Customize unit descriptions
Descriptions can include unit-specific details like total rent and property-specific information like the type of building, and list of amenities. Include photos or videos, and when a unit becomes vacant, all of the listing details are ready for syndication. Customization is available as per your requirement.

Easy to Use and User-friendly
You’re too busy to wrestle with software that doesn’t make sense. Save time to search for info about tenants, vendors, or leases with global search. Just start typing the name of the person you need to reach, and Seamless Property will return every relevant result. That’s why Seamless Property is supported by a team of User Experience experts to ensure you always find what you need, where you need it.

Syndicate vacancies
Share listings on your website.Seamless Property also makes it easy to post all of your vacancies on Craigslist.

Manage listings:
Easily view all listed and unlisted units and keep an eye on upcoming vacancies. You can even organize queries by designating specific leasing agents as the point-of-contact for specific units.

Security of data:
We provide access controls and data encryption on the data. You can keep passwords and security questions.

Detailed property info:
Organizes the details of each unit. Maintenance completed, upgrades installed, lease & payment history, pictures, tax bills and more. Easy to understand and highly useful.

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