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If you want the Accounting of your worth, count to us.!

Seamless Property provides an accounting software on which you can rely upon for decision making and management! Accounting is the very foundation and brain of all the activities in an organization. Seamless Property’s Accounting Software was designed from the ground specifically for property managers in an interesting and user-friendly way. It is combined with different things together so they worked as one unit with other Seamless property solutions and focused on keeping you in compliance. Our key feature is document management. All files can be uploaded to the cloud and organized by the user. Files can be grouped into folders based on property, vendor and more. Files are also accessible offline. Seamless Property’s accounting module includes features such as accounts payable and receivable, banking reconciliation, budget management, financial reporting and the ability to accept online payments (debit, credit, and electronic transfers). Users can also access all of their bills on a single dashboard. Our software integrates with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and other third-party accounting systems. Our marketing module helps users post their rental listings, screen prospective tenants and track leads. Users can also track their marketing performance with analytics such as strengths and weaknesses of campaigns, and how much revenue was generated. Our key features of Property Accounting are:

  • Recording Bills is easy and quick.
  • Create budget as per your requirement.
  • Cost Saving Calculator
  • Easy to Use and User-friendly
  • Security of data
  • Manage Bank Reconciliation
  • Customized reports
  • Enable online payments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Seamless Property offers an extensive collection of reports for your residential, commercial and student housing. Reports are easy to customize. You can change columns, select different fields and sort by different titles for better views and presentation. Links within the reports allow you to dig the particular items so you can get all of the information you need.

Just a few of our report options include: • Owner Statement • Income Statement • Fund Flow Statement • Cash Flow Statement • Balance Sheet • Trial Balance • Bank Reconciliation Statement • Rent Roll • Aged Receivables • Aged Payables • Leasing Summary • Owner Summary • Lease Expiration • Association Reports • Payroll Reports                                                                                                                                                                  

Specific charts and graph for better reporting is the special feature that adds icing on the cake.

Recording Bills is easy and quick: Access your vendors, bills, payments, notes and scanned documents from one secure, shared location and make Accounts Payable easier.

Create budget as per your requirement: Set up a portfolio or property level budget in just minutes and compare to actual income/expenses for each property across various reports.

Cost Saving Calculator: Our specialized software provides you easy calculation nd cost saving techniques.

Easy to Use and User-friendly: You’re too busy to wrestle with software that doesn’t make sense. Save time to search for info about tenants, vendors, or leases with global search. Just start typing the name of the person you need to reach, and Seamless Property Software will return every relevant result that’s why Seamless Property is supported by a team of User Experience experts to ensure you always find what you need, where you need it.

Security of data: We provide access controls and data encryption on the data. You can keep passwords and security questions.

Manage Bank Reconciliation: Manage your bank account, deposits and reconciliations and much more.

Customized reports: Create dozens of easy-to-read, customizable property focused financial reports including general ledger, balance sheets, income statement, profit and loss and cash flow statements in just one click.

Enable online payments: A built-in, complete Online Rent Payment, leasehold assets management Platform it is a game changer for you and your vendors!

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